Top 5 Things To Do In The Beautiful Old San Juan

From walking down the cobblestone streets to breathing the fresh ocean air and enjoying the history behind the old Spanish fortifications located right across a beautiful set of colorful colonial houses, Old San Juan has become my favorite traveling destination of all. History: Old San Juan is the historic core of the city of San … More Top 5 Things To Do In The Beautiful Old San Juan

Idioms and Proverbs

Idioms and proverbs are difficult in any language because they are language specific and are not meant to be translated literally. Here, we look for meaning instead of words. When I was volunteering at the English Language Institute of the University of Central Florida last year, I realized how difficult idiomatic expressions can be for … More Idioms and Proverbs

Over 300 million people speak Portuguese!

I didn’t realize how global Portuguese actually is and the amount of people that speak the language. Between the countries that have it as their primary or one of their primary languages and the expat communities throughout North America and the world, Portuguese can be heard in mostly any continent. That’s actually pretty crazy! To … More Over 300 million people speak Portuguese!

O melhor do funk!

Today the lessons were short. Instead of actually working on new lessons, I basically strengthened what I already learnt these past days. Once you’re done with that, the topics turn gold. I made them all gold today. And that was pretty much it. I spent most of the day cleaning and wondering what most of … More O melhor do funk!

Eu falo português!

Well.. Maybe I don’t really speak it, but I can definitely understand a lot of it. I’ve been attempting to learn the language for a couple of years now but have never actually sat down on a daily basis and worked on it. I started by watching movies and listening to music. The movies started … More Eu falo português!